About Ayurveda
Mother nature has her hands full of countless treasures for her special child, man, including many a secret formulae for happier and healthier living.

Over the ages, Indians have shared a special bond with the nature. Ancient Indians have discovered the power of nature in human life. Out of their continuous research, emerged a branch of medicine that trusts nature and believes that the real remedy lies in the purification of body and mind, from within…
The Science of Life
It’s one of India’s greatest gifts to the world
A way of life

Journeying through life becomes very difficult when the quality of living deteriorates and the harmonious relationship between the body and the mind crumbles. Ayurveda aims at correcting this balance. This oldest living medical discipline recognizes the human body as a dynamic balance of elements within and outside it. Ayurveda, an alternative therapeutic system, free from any harmful side effects, has a treasure chest of ways to boost the immune system and enhance the resistance power, thus enabling the body to fight diseases.

“Pure Maka’s Mahabhringaraj Oil” works straight to the roots of the Problem.
Hurry, worry & curry are the prime offenders! Hectic lifestyle, stress, unhealthy along with the external factors like pollution, takes its toll on the body and the Mind. Busy days and disturbed nights lead to increase in the body heat, which, in turn Trigg big and small. The other medicine act on the surface level and give nothing but a not so with the “Pure Maka’s Mahabhringaraj Oil”. It removes the cause of the problem thus term remedy. It is authentic Ayurvedic way of innovative curing for every one.

Ayurveda is a holistic treatment which works on three levels, the mind, the body & the Soul to promote over all well being. Shirodhara (A continuous stream of warm “Pure Maka’s Mahabhringaraj Oil” is poured on to the forehead for 20 to 40 minutes) is used to relieve mental Tension & provide a calm state of mind. It is deeply relaxing and revitalizes the central nervous system. This treatment is also used traditionally for insomnia, memory loss and hormonal imbalance.

Naturally healthy hair has that Luxuriant and Vibrant look that can not be achieved by the best hair dressing efforts. No hair style however glamorous can work wonder, if the health of the hair is poor. “Pure Maka’s Mahabhringaraj Oil” provides all the basic needs of the hair growth and cures the disease of the hair & scalp. So the hair becomes vital, alive look with a shine, elasticity and bouncing.