Customer Speak
  • The Mahabringaraj Oil shipment has been delivered safely. The documents certifying the product´s harmlessnes which were added for custom clearance will be of a big advantage for further distribution.
    Thank You very much for Your efforts which were finally so successful.
    Tobias Maaß, Germany

  • I am software professional. Some time ago, I was diagnosed with cervical spondolysis . I had difficulty turning my head or bending the head to see the floor. Then one of my friend suggested Mahabhringaraj Oil. It gives complete relaxation from strained muscles after body massage. This oil not only eliminate my disease and reduce effects of stress but more importantly induce joyful spirit in process of working. Thanks Mahabhringaraj Oil from bottom of my heart and neck.
    Anil Joshi, Pune

  • Mahabhringaraj Oil gives deep relaxation.
    Prabhudev Bhugoo, Mauritius

  • I am working in software company. I am daily facing problem of extreme stress. Using Mahabhringaraj Oil for last 2 months reduces the effect of stress on my mind and body.
    Sandeep Khambete, Pune

  • About three years ago I went to Kalyan to meet my daughter. I was not feeling well therefore my daughter insisted to rest at her place. Around 9’0 clock at night I had a headache. I was feeling restless. My blood vessels were becoming stiff. There was a pain in the forehead and on that time all the dispensaries were closed. My daughter was trying to do head massage but no use. The pain was unbearable. Suddenly my daughter applies “Mahabhringraj Oil” on my head & done head massage. The oil that she put on my head was dripping on my face & after 15 minutes I had clam sleep & in the morning there was no headache. On Monday I told Dr. Thakur about the last day’s experience. He said not to worry. So thank you “Mahabhringraj Oil”.
    Mrs. Snehlata M. Pariallewar, Pune

  • I am working in Bank Of India, completely satisfied user of “Mahabhringraj Oil”. I am using this oil from 1989 & I would like to tell you that not only me but my all family members are also using “Mahabhringraj Oil”.
    I had a problem of Insomnia. But Mahabhringaraj Oil solved my problem. This oil really works well. Three years back my wife was suffering with the problem of hereditary hair loss which is controlled by “Mahabhringraj Oil”. My daughter is also using this oil for her dandruff problem. So it’s a complete family hair solution product for us. I would like to thank you for giving us such a wonderful product.
    Mr. Madhusudhan Lele

  • A daily massage with Mahabhringaraj Oil for few minutes before sleeping gives deep and sound sleep. It Keeps the brain cool and reduces the burning sensation in the eyes, palms and soles.
    Lalita Murkar, Mumbai

  • I am regularly using “Mahabhringraj Oil”. This oil stops untimely graying and falling of my hair. This oil destroys problem of dandruff and itching in scalp. I would like inform you honestly that because of regular application of the oil & massage with warm oil, I observed that my memory is improved and I feel fresh all the time.
    Radhika Mohril, Nanded

  • Mahabhringaraj Oil make my hair healthy and lustrous.
    Mrs. Swati Kulkarni, Pune

  • A daily use of Mahabhringaraj Oil reduces stress and depression and helps with sleeplessness and anxiety.
    Mrs. Deepali Samudra, Mumbai

  • Thank you “Mahabhringraj Oil”. This oil is very special for me.
    Sau Sangita Amar Khatri, Amravati

  • Mahabhringaraj Oil strengthend my hair roots and improved my hair condition. Thanks.
    Mrs. Seema Deshpande, Pune

  • I am using Mahabhringaraj Oil regularly and because of this I am feeling young and healthy. Thanks.
    Mr. Aniket Joshi, London

  • For last few years I was suffering from cracks in the feet. But after using Mahabhringaraj Oil my problem solved within a month. Thanks Mahabhringaraj Team.
    Shyam Deshapande, Nasik

  • Daily use of Mahabhringaraj Oil improves concentration.
    Rahul Marathe, Germany