Many Ayurvedic remedies are validated by modern science and have proven invaluable. One of such priceless remedies is

Mahabhringaraj Hair Oil
Not just an oil……a lot more!

Over half a century of healing heritage -
Have you ever heard of the famous banyan tree of India folklore? A small seedling germinates, takes deep roots and grows into a mammoth tree that shelters multitude of life, for years.
Likewise, ‘Ramkrishna Vidyut Ayurvedic Pharmacy’, a mere individual enterprise started in 1950 by Uddhav Amrut Kulkarni and Indirabai Uddhav Kulkarni in Dhule, Maharashtra, is today a leading business, all set to take on the global market.

Under the able leadership of Somnath Ramkrishna Kulkarni, the company has grown by leaps and bounds. The state-of-the-art Ramkrishna Vidut ayurvedic Pharmacy plant at Osmanabad has the latest equipment for production of almost 1 Ton oil daily and the best infrastructure for packaging, marketing and sale.